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Bee Aware has been designed to create a buzz, motivate and include pupils, teachers and parents in achieving the sustainable schools agenda by 2020 for schools across the country.

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Hints and Tips

This area of the site looks at practical ways to help create a greener environment to live in, at school and at home.
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Our Aims

Here to help schools easily achieve the sustainable schools agenda for 2020.
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Sustainable Schools Agenda 2020

What is a Sustainable School?

A sustainable school is one which cares, which is aware and feels responsible for the environment, the community in which it is placed and appreciates the wider dimensions of the world.

Preparing Children for the future:

It will encourage an ethos of responsibility to ensure that the impact of the school is minimised whilst developing sustainable practices and ways of thinking that will stay with children throughout their lives.

They will leave school conscious and mindful of living a life which seeks wherever possible to appreciate and use the earth’s resources wisely.

They will be equipped to develop and maintain relationships that take account of the uniqueness of everyone and everything on the planet.

Bee Aware’s 8 Bee’s:

The eight bee’s that form the cornerstones of Bee Aware will allow you to achieve this objective in a very simple, imaginative way.

  • Bee Healthy, focuses on food and drink
  • Bee Active, focuses on travel and traffic
  • Bee Local, focuses on local wellbeing
  • Bee Global, focuses on global dimension
  • Bee Involved, focuses on inclusion and participation
  • Bee Creative, focuses on buildings and grounds
  • Bee Smart, focuses on energy and water
  • Bee Economical, focuses on purchasing and waste